Anonymous said: I'm going to be get snake bites soon how much would it hurt or does the person who's putting in the piercing give you something to numb the pain?

They hurt just a little bit :3 but the pain disappears quickly. I doesn’t get numbed because it’s not allowed in my country. But I think if you really want a piercing, so you have to withstand the pain. :3

~ Excuse my english. :o

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Anonymous said: I am wondering if you could tell me where emos usually hang-out because I cant find anyone who is emo to hang out with I mean sure I have emo friends I can talk to on facebook but they live to far can you help???

I’m sorry…the places are always different because the people are different :/

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Anonymous said: I look forward to that second proposal, you are absolutely beautiful.

Thank u :3 
you’re so cute ^-^

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Anonymous said: Can I kiss you?

I don’t know if you really want o:

But theres also a second proposal:

Go to bed, close your eyes and I will visit you in your dreams ^-^

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Anonymous said: you're very adorable cx

Thank u *(^-^)*

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Anonymous said: I just want to say that you look really cute

Thank u *.*

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Anonymous said: I'm sure you've heard this before and that it probably won't make a difference but you're stunning.

Omg thats so cute *.*

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It’s me :3 
Got my eyebrow piercing and my snakebites *-* love them. ♥

It’s me :3 

Got my eyebrow piercing and my snakebites *-* love them. ♥

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